Sunday, February 19, 2006

stay warm

PHOTO: The Sparrow meets the paper crane.

This past weekend was the coldest weekend of this winter season. Saturday evening was -8˚F along with some wind chill. After living in this winter wonderland for such a long time we Michiganders come up with some ways to keep warm. Here are a few of my trade secrets.

-This past semester I was introduced to the idea of taking baths. Before that I was a shower man. But there is nothing better than a hot bath and a good book. A bath keeps me warm for atleast the next seven hours.

- A couple of years ago I got a space heater that fits perfectly under my desk. So when I am studying I can just flick on the switch for some instant heat. This is also where origami comes into play, because the goal is to stay in one place.
✓ I went to Micheal's and bought a packet of origami paper so I could make apaper crane but since then I have discovered so many other cool things to fold.

-Lifting weights, running, and biking really hard will also keeps you warmer throughout the day.

-Finally, after a long day of work nothing is better than a nice down comforter, a body pillow and some jersey knit sheets.


Sarah said...

Hot soup works too :)

silence is mountain lions said...

also wearing warm clothes (t-shirts do not count) and socks works too, and pants rolled down all the way

Anonymous said...

who needs socks when you have sherpa wool in the birks...

Khalid said...

whoever said that, took the words right out of my' mouth!
Wearing socks or rolling down the pants will just mean I am giving IN.
and i cant' give in!

Nabeel said...

i knoww .. I miss summmer !!!
it was -30F here in Chicago with the windchill .. god danggggggggggggg !!