Thursday, December 01, 2005


Podcasts on my ipod

3 day weather forcast: I turn this on as soon as I wake up in the morning while the water in the shower warms up. This is how I decide if I will roll my pants up for the day or not. Also, if I can counter-steer or not (snow or no snow).

Qur'an Weekly Podcast: Ever week they have a new chapter from the quran in arabic with translation in english. I am not all about the english guy's accent but other wise, it is a great addition to the ipod.

NPR story of the day: Everyday when your podcasts reload you get a NEW story in you itunes podcast folder. So on your bike ride to class or your walk to work, you can have someone to tell you a story.

CNN: Finally, the news... it is short enough to keep my attention and also keepa me updated with the world. Makes it a little easier to be in sync with the world and still not have a tv.


Adil said...

did you take that picture? its amazing

Khalid said...

yeah man, I took it with my SLR. It is the tree right outside my window.

Gino said...

Totally check out diggnation if you haven't already.

Irum said...

wow..great pic..and luvv ur new post...hahaha

Anonymous said...

I wake up with a caffiene cigarette vaccine and bath in water I wouldn't drink before gasoline... Check out the new CAGE album "Hell's Winter." That crazy fool lost his up'in mind. Kinda like me, mwha ha hah. Good to see you on Saturday, I almost crapped my pants when you just about got waxed by that car and Brian tried to blame it on me... crazy Brian. Up load some pictures from the 3rd.

Khalid said...

henne: I need to get that cd from you man. You haven't dissapointed me with a music recommendation so far. I can't freakin' belive I walked out infront of those cars. I was NOT taying appention. Saturday was definitely good. Kevin (you should be melting) needs to have more gigs because it brings all our friends together.
.....oh PS i love the your beard

Irum: Thanks! you rock my socks too!

Gino: I checked out that website man. I need to register so I can look at the episodes. Thanks for that, I will book mark it fo sho

peace and love

squirrel said...

slowly meandering in front of cars that can't stop is less dangerous than jim and your highly dangerous extremely reckless death bike ride 2006. in lj land, people update every day... why don't you?!?!
- maggie

Sarah said...

Didn't hear about your near death experience. Glad you are still with us.

I agree with Maggie..update more punk!

Khalid said...

Squirrel: I will start to pretend as if i am in LJ land. here is the update.
hope you like the info on the blue barrons death ride 2006
hahhahahaahahhah!!!!! the squirrel link is awesome. I should try to find my friend tomas and he can catch us one. and maybe some of the death ride ppl can smuggle one into the US.

Sarah: Thanks for the concern. Cars like me, somehow no matter how close I come to getting hit they never hurt me. maybe it is me, maybe it is majic. oh yeah, it may also be because i have connections in the mafia.