Tuesday, December 20, 2005

dark room

PHOTO: Laura C. taking pictures of me while I take pictures of her.

I was matting some of my prints before I started work at ARC. When the volunteers started coming in, they asked if they could see my prints. So, of course the pictures got passed around untill Carole ( a wonderful volunteer) got to see them. She asked me if I ever processes my own pictures and I told her that I occasionally use the dark room in abbott hall. Then, she asked me if I would like to have a full set of dark room equipment. She has started shooting digital and was not using her dark room as often. Of course, I replied with a HUGE "yes" and barely kept myself from hyperventelating out of excitement. Last night, my brother and I went to carole's house to pick up all the boxes (Thank you Adil!!). My car barely fit everything, infact Adil had to put a box on his lap. The following is in an incomplete inventory of items in my room right now. I am still finding amazing things as I unpack all the boxes.

-A really good ENLARGER!!!
-4 photographic tanks to develop negatives
-3 safelights (red light) to keep your film safe
-Photographic trays
-Film clips for hanging pictures and drying film
-Graduated cylinders, stirring rods and funnels
-Bottles for chemilcas (storing and for disposing)
-A huge interval timer
-Print tongs
-Enlargment easels
-Burshes to get rid of dust
-An extensive set of doggers
-A pretty big light safe box for paper.
- ~15 books on photography, manuals, and developing
-Masking guides
-Print dryer (dries single weight prints in about 10 mins)
and extensive filter kit


PS. In case you can not tell, I am beyond excited about this.


Julie V said...

Wow. I can't wait to see what you do with it!

Sarah said...

Carole rocks! Better make her proud Khalid :)

Khalid said...

I will def. make her proud. You just wait.

Irum said...

that is such a nice picture...i cant wait to see the dark room!

Amber said...

Oh Khalid... from one aspiring photographer to another, Incredible, You!

I am truly happy for ya... awesome.

Khalid said...

thanks guys.
I am sure you can appreciate it Amber. Way to be shooting film!!!!!
did those pictures i took on your camera turn out?

Sarah said...

What the heck?

Irum said...

louis alexander....wat is that all about?!?

Khalid said...

YEAH, I don't know what that was all about. I deleted the comment. I tend to get a lot of spam on my blog comments!
no me gusta