Thursday, December 29, 2005

photo log #1

PHOTO: Chicago's bean: taken at Millennium Park this past weekend.

I was in Chicago this past weekend and instead of some words maybe a photo-log would be a better idea. A post about the Cannondale Bad Boy is coming up soon....

Click on pictures to see a larger version.

PHOTO: chicago woot

PHOTO: Crown Fountain, with some PS work.

PHOTO: Crown fountain and some more PS work.

PHOTO: One way!

P.S. Thanks to Donna and L. Proctor for the accomodatoins!!! much love.


Julie V said...

I hope Chicago traffic was kinder to you than it was to us. Beautiful photos!

Irum said... seems like u had an awesome time in chicago man. the pics are great...

Khalid said...

Julie: What happened on your chicago trip??

Irum: thank yo. I think I will be coming home today or tomorrow.

Julie V said...

We have to go through the windy city on our way to the farm and got held up in traffic for an hour and a half. Nothing new, really. :)

dotson said...

that "chicago woot" pic looks're welcome for the idea ;)

p.s-lloyd is making me dinner right now...he made an extra boca burger for you!

Khalid said...

I miss lloyd almost as much as I miss gayle!

Deep Purple said...

lovely picturessss!!
i wanna see the states, but canada is so huge that exploring it alone takes too much enegy

Khalid said...

Thanks sadaf.
If you are going to come to the US, you should definitely visit the big cities like chicago, NY, or even Detroit.

Sarah said... always.

Irum said...


Khalid said...

Sarah: Thanks

Irum: I am planning an entry for the bike. but there is so much to say!
don't worry.
one is coming up soon. I love it that you always keep me on track with this!

Irum said...


Anonymous said...

Good pictures. Amazed as I dont know that u are a photographer.

- Vis

Khalid said...

Thanks vish,
I am happy you like them.

We need to spice up your apartment man.

gwadzilla said...

great images

I try to make up for not knowing how to use a camera by puzzling together my collages

Khalid said...

I loved your collages. I was looking at this photography journal today called "wanderlust" you can check it out at They had some GREAT collages, you would especiallly appreciate it.

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