Thursday, December 08, 2005

Death ride 2006

PHOTO: You Should Be Melting playing at the Heidelberg in Ann Arbor.

Jim, Kevin and I are accepting applications for the Blue Barrons death ride 2006. One prerequisite is to watch all the LUCAS BRUNELLE videos. Good luck to all applicants.

I was reading jpettibone blog and she talks about how great the internet it is, and how different the world was before Al Gore invented it .... hahahahah. is just another way to stay even more connected, as if we need more ways of stalking each other. You download a small plug-in (mac OR pc) for your itunes application and you can track all the songs you play. It also makes most played lists weekly. Best of all, this information is put up on your personal website and you can party like a rock star from there onwards.


Julie V said...

Al Gore rocks my socks!

I like but I have no friends there. Just like in real life... hehe. ;)

(I'm gonna be famous now that Khalid mentioned me in his blog!)

Khalid said...

when you get back to ARC you can see the news letter Phil will be putting out for Emergency Food and Shelter.
I get to write in Khalid's Korner.
My first article in not that interesting, but you just wait.


dotson said...

i want to apply for the death ride! me and the huffy can take on anyone or anything!

Julie V said...

Can't wait to see the newsletter tomorrow! Are you going to use my horse joke?

Irum said...

hey update ur blog man

Khalid said...

dotson: your application will be considered, but in order to make you a better applicant I recommend you start biking to college from madison hts. regardless of snow. Also, as mentioned in the post it is recommended to watch the videos.
Thank you for your applicatoin
good luck ma'am.

Julie V: I didn't use the horse joke. But, do not worry, there will be many more Khalid's Korners in the future.

Irum: you are right. i have to get up on it.

Angela said...

ooh cool, hey Khalid!

I'm posting here because I was looking closer at the band picture and know some of those guys, oh what a tiny small little world.

Your blog is awesome, I had a really similar one before livejournal and myspace ripped the blog from my cold fingers. It was

Happy New Year almost!

Khalid said...

That is crazy talk!

All three of my of those guys are good friends of mine.

I will definitely check out your blog.

peace and love