Wednesday, December 14, 2005


PHOTO: Colorado!! In memory of the summer times

The Gorillaz have always been a pretty freakin' innovative band. I was recently informed of their LIVE holographic performance at the European MTV music awards (via Abraham). Maybe this is not news to you in "tv land" but I was pretty amazed. Check out the above link to see a video of their live performance in Quicktime or Windows Media Player. Instead of the usual 2-D presentation, the Gorillaz were on stage in the form of Holograms!
More importantly, they are planning a revolutionary holographic tour for 2007. I have not been able to find out the exact technology they will be using, BUT imagine how great that show would be! They describe it as "a cross between live performance and a theme park experience".

shacka laacka


Sarah said...

So frickin' cool.

Sarah said...

BTW--love the photo.

Khalid said...

the gorillaz know what's up.

Either melissa or Libby took that picture.

Irum said...

oh man...thats flippin yea the gorillaz r really good
thumbz up for feel good inc.

peace out

Amber said...


Khalid said...



Libby said...

The sad news was that I wasn't able to make it to the CO trip :( so it was definetly melissa that took it. But I'm so glad that my face has been etched into your memories of the fabulous Colorado trip. If there's CO trip #2 I will be there!!

Khalid said...

Libby! that is crazy because when ever there is a colorado story. you always seem to be in it. Maybe it is because you are part of most of my best college memories.
i think maybe when were were in the big CO we talked about you alot.

i want to make CO trip #2 happen. It looks like I will have a sweet bike soon and that would be perfect for the colorado roads. Maybe you can use my current bike and we can take 5 or 6 quality people out there. I guess kpc is getting a "bianchi castro valley"

Deep Purple said...

umm i dont actually like the gorillaz. err
dont kill me, but love the picture.

i have heard colarado is amazing for skiing.

Irum said...

^hehe sadaf, i can't believe you came here.. anywayz...i updated my blog...check it out.

Khalid said...

Sadaf: thanks! What kind of music do you like?