Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Auto Show


I am starting to fall in love with the city of Detroit. This weekend I got to cross off a few things from my "explore Detroit" list. Oslo is a sushi bar that I have been wanting to visit for a long time. Great sushi on top and even better music in the basement. Also, thanks to Mark, we also got a tour of the Detroit News.
Lastly, we took the DPM (detroit people mover) from greek town over to Cobo where the North American International Auto Show is being held. I was surprised to see that everything had been set up in only four days. A day before the Auto show starts the city holds a charity preview and they raise money for children's charities. This year was no exception and they raised ~ $7 million. It has been about two years since I went there last, so I was starting to miss the cars. Last year they had 68 new modles introduced at the show. BAM

Auto Show Favorites:

Audi RS4
Saab 93
Nissan Sentra SER


Gino said...

It seems you might have a predilection to foreign cars (trust me, I love them too), but you can't overlook the reissued Dodge Challenger. Maybe it's the native Detroiter/Mid-Westerner in me, but this thing is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

Khalid said...

Oh man,
I agree. The challenger is really sweet. I looked at it for a long time. The whole things is made out of carbon fiber and for the paint job on the hood they just let the carbon fiber shine through. It is sweet.
My first car was a nissan and even though I am driving an american car right now. I haven't seen anything that compares.

Julie V said...

My first (and only) *new* car was a Nissan Sentra SE and I loved it except for the fact that it could never seem to pick a gear. Of course I should never have gotten the automatic but I wasn't so adept at driving stick at the time. They've had ten years to sort that problem out, though, so I'm sure the latest Sentras are pretty slick.

Khalid said...

yeah dude,
My first car was a silver nissan sentra se as well!!

check out the new sentra. I took a picture of it, here is the link.

Julie V said...

That is much sharper than the Sentra I drove back in the day! They said it was "ruby pearl" but it was like a grandma-car colored maroon. I'll have to tell you the story about the jerk that asked me what color car I wanted to test-drive.

I still want a Prius.

Anonymous said...

I missed the Auto show last Saturday. Audi is my favorite too.

- Vis

Khalid said...

I just realized that I got your phone call. I forgot to call you back!! i am so sorry. But, I didn't end up going on Saturday (the day you were going to be there). I went to the show right before coming back to EL. I will show you my auto show pictures and you can tell me what you think.

Anonymous said...

Khalid: Never mind. Hope you enjoyed the show. I was busy with unexpected things during the weekend and I was crazy all the way. Sure, hope to see you soon.