Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mac Daddy

PHOTO: Biking in the hot summer of Pakistan, by Adil.

The first week of class is always interesting. Since childhood I get nervous the day before school starts. Fortunately, I like all my classes and my professors give off good energy. I ran into Kark with a "K" after one of my classes and decided to bike to a coffee shop. Campus is packed with walkers these days because as the weather cools off people choose to lace up the sneakers instead of pedaling to class. Of course, this makes the life of a biker that much more interesting because we get to zzzzip through the slow moving kind.

In other news, Ian and I did pretty much the nerdiest thing today. We read the live text updates for the Macworld San Francisco 2006 seminar. This stuff is red freakin' hot off the press. I guess someone from the Mac world site is at the show and he is sending in exact quotes from Steve Jobs to the site. It is even before the Macworld video gets released. Thanks Ian

Look forward to:
The new MACBOOK! There will be no more powerbooks.
Macbook: 5.6lbs. iSight, Front Row; $1999 1.67 Core Duo; 667 DDR bus, x1600; $2499 1.83GHz.
The feaking iSight is built into the laptop + many many more things! gah! that is sweet. These will be shipping in February.


Irum said...

cool stuff


Julie V said...

Mac Nerd! Mac Nerd!

Every fall and again in January I get this overwhelming urge to start buying notebooks and pencils and pens. But then I remember that I'm not in school anymore... :(

Khalid said...

I have a solution for your problem julie, just work towards becoming a doctor. You see, this way you will always get to use that urge of buying notebooks and pencils.

PS i would definitely take your comm class

Khalid said...

thanks irum

Julie V said...

Hm. I never thought about studying medicine. Probably because my math and science background is so scant...

Khalid said...

You could do a PhD in "how to love the earth", "how to be a punk rocker"or something of that sort.

sleep on it

Sarah said...

hehe...a PhD in how to be a punk rocker is a NICE idea...or how about a PhD in knitting Ms. Julie V?

Julie V said...

Oooh, you guys have some great ideas there. I actually did consider a PhD in ethnomusicology at one point. But these areas of study might be a little more interesting. "How to be a knitting punk rocker."

Anonymous said...

This year Mac world opening note was pretty impressive. Esp, my little baby Intel is now running in Macs too.

- Vis

Khalid said...

It was pretty funny how steve jobs and the intel ceo came together. The corny exchange of words "intel is ready" and "apple is ready" was funny.

I hope this partnership with intel was a good move. Seems like a good idea so far.

gwadzilla said...

my iPod locked up on me
it seems the lock locked up on me
can not unlock it to get it to do anything

perhaps when the battery runs out it will set itself right

this is an old one
doubt there would be any return recourse

gwadzilla said...

that reminds me....
my Mac needs more RAM
I just need to buy it
enough procrastination

Khalid said...

I honeslty think they don't make their ipods as well as the computers. I have had so many problems with mine. I am on my third one!!

sometimes the best "fix" to ipod problems is to give them a break for a day or two. I hope it works out.