Saturday, January 14, 2006

Try this at home

HOW TO: unlock your car from thousands of miles away

Here is a list of things you will need
2 cell phones
A remote for keyless entry to your car
two people

1. Check if the remote for unlocking your car is in working order
2. Walk away from your car until you are far enough away that you can not unlock your car using a remote
3. Get a friend to stand about a foot away from your car and call the phone
4. After you have them on the line, click the unlock button on your remote and BAM your car will be unlocked via your cell phone!!

In case you are the type that locks their keys in your car often, this saves you from having to call someone to drive you an extra set of keys. Also, someone can call you from anywhere as long as they have a cell phone. I did some searches online and I found that this is an eRumor but I tried this today with my dad and it worked.



mad skillz said...

that is really crazy, why does it work that way?

mad skillz said...

oh silly me i put up my wrong personal website

Julie V said...

You gotta be kidding me! How far away was your dad?

Khalid said...

Mad Skillz:
I don't have a very good explanation for how it works, not yet. The biker dude is awesome. I wish I had skillz like you. Can you teach me the ways of the world?

Julie V:
My dad was in the house and the car was in the driveway outside of the house. It worked perfectly. I think we should try it again with farther distances.

Julie V said...

Unable to duplicate your results with my own experiment. Maybe only certain cars/certain cell phones work?

Khalid said...

Lets try to do it monday at the ARC.

Anonymous said...

I too want to test my car, but I dont have a buddy.

Khalid said...

oh come vis
we can do it definitely
on thursday