Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Stealth commuter

bad boy 2
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PHOTO: Cannondale Bad Boy

I would say that I have a new woman in my life, but I can't considering her name would be "Bad Boy". I have wanted to buy a faster bike for the longest time and THIS is the one. Someone on a bike forum described it as a "stealth commuter" quality not BLING. As far as the ride goes, I couldn't have asked for anything better. It is a very stiff and rediculously manuverable. The mix between a mountain bike and a road bike is at a perfectly balanced equillibrium. It feels nice to give my mock fixed gear a break. I am going to slowly replace some of the worn parts on it from 4 years of HARD riding. Other than my old bike, my car is also feeling a little neglected. I hope they don't turn on me.

Check out this article from Slate.com. It made me excited till i got to the very last paragraph.


dotson said...

i took her for a ride...not to shabby.

Khalid said...

not to shabby!?
You said "it is the best bike you have ever riden"

not to shabby? dang! you know you love it more than anything.

Khalid said...

PS. Thanks dotson

Irum said...

lol...that last paragragh ruined the whole articel...hehe

Khalid said...

Man, I watched part of this movie called "breaking away". But I had to leave in the middle of it. Next time I am home we should watch it. It is all about biking.

Irum said...

yes we will definetly do that...


gwadzilla said...

the bad boy is a nice concept...
how thin are the tires?

I tend not to go too skinny
then again
I am not so skinny

it is like a urban cross bike with straight bars

I say ditch the reflectors on the wheels and customize the frame with some reflective tape from your local hardware store

I would also add fenders
oddly I am between commuters with fenders
I think fenders are vital on a true commuter
after a rain the spray from the road rains up at ya

30 bucks
a few turns of a screw
and of course the fenders come in BLACK

Khalid said...

I have been thinking about fenders for the longest time. But I hate add ons like that because w/o them I have such a SOLID feel of the bike. I guess I need to acessorize with some of the baiscs.

As far as the wheels go, I am considering buying a new set and putting some nobbies on them for quick switching for a ride through a trail.

I guess I should stop procastinating.